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Who wants to be your member anyway?

Good quality content distributed to the right people can grow your prospect database, your revenues and your organisation

Good quality content distributed to the right people can grow your prospect database, your revenues and your organisation, according to Aaron Nicholls, Director of Redactive

What do you want to achieve this year?

  • Better member retention?
  • New members leading to membership growth?
  • Increased sales of qualifications or training courses?
  • International expansion?
  • Appealing to younger generations to ensure a future membership pipeline?


Sound familiar? Whatever your objectives for 2015 to 2016, good quality content distributed via the right channels to the right people can help you to achieve them ALL.

Take the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA) for example, the content that Redactive creates for them under the Public Finance multimedia magazine brand enables the Institute to speak to 100% more people than the Institute has members each month. That’s double the 17,000 membership base engaging with CIPFA via its print magazine, magazine website, e-mail and social media content every single month. Put yourself in those enviable shoes and then imagine that you could find out who the other half of your already engaged and ‘warmed up’ potential customer base is, what they are interested in and that you could then send them relevant calls to action and sales messages. What could this do for membership, event attendance and sales of qualifications, training courses or knowledge services?

Redactive is adopting this ‘lead generation’ approach to content provision for many leading professional bodies. We are implementing sophisticated audience management software to gate digital content behind registration walls that enable our clients to find out just who is interested in their content and knowledge. Each time a person comes back, we can track what they are looking at and find out more information from them when they return. This data is invaluable in the right hands.

None of this prospect customer insight is particularly new or ground-breaking in our world of the loyalty cards and programmatic advertising, but for the first time, this type of approach is available cost-effectively to professional bodies.

Over the coming months, Redactive will be creating a portfolio of useful print and digital content (business advice, data and insight, video, guides, quizzes) that will enable an already 200,000 strong membership body to identify new warm prospect organisations that the association can sell membership and other products to.

If you are a professional body that has corporate members rather than individual members, how useful would it be to build a relationship with multiple individuals in member organisations rather than just one relationship holder? Relevant and insightful content can help you to achieve this. Redactive has helped the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, to build a database of airline industry professionals of over 10,000 in just six months since the launch of a magazine website. This for a professional body with just 240 corporate members. Each one of these 10,000 is a prospect for sales of training courses, information services and so on. What’s more, IATA knows just which training courses each individual is interested in based on the type of content the person views.

Whatever your target audiences, Redactive can help you to reach them, engage them, and better still, identify them and find out for you exactly what they want from you.

The time is ripe to grow your organisation and its revenues.

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