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Content strategy

Constantly evolving in line with your goals

We believe in the power of content to make a difference. To the success of the organisations we work with and to the lives of the audiences they serve.

So we start every project with intelligent, insightful strategic planning. Working collaboratively to align our thinking with each client’s vision and business goals. Creating content that answers genuine audience needs.

Then disseminating it across multiple channels to optimise effectiveness and reach. Continually iterating and refining our strategy to keep it future fit.

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Content creation

Multi-channel dissemination for optimum results

Creating content for organisations that represent the gold standard of their professions takes specialist skills. And our exceptional editorial team of 30 have got those in spades. But what sets Redactive apart is our 360-degree approach to content creation.

Optimising the value of each client brief by understanding what formats will attract the most attention. Then disseminating assets across multiple channels. From articles to infographics, video, podcasts and social media posts. Delivering a suite of authentic, original content your audience can trust.

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Magazine publishing

Award-winning publications that lead the way

Our passion for print publications is how Redactive started. And over four decades later our magazines are consistently rated the most creative and effective in the membership sector.

Redactive titles currently hold the awards Best Association Magazine:

  • circ. >25,000 (The Actuary) and Best Association Magazine
  • circ. <25,000 (Public Finance) at the Association Excellence Awards 2021;
  • Best Relaunch (Public Finance) at the Memcom Excellence Awards 2021;
  • and Best Membership at the CMA’s International Content Marketing Awards 2021 (IOSH magazine).


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Website development

Innovative design with usability at its heart

Our award-winning digital team designs, builds and manages interactive, content-rich websites that put users’ needs first.

Delivering intuitive online experiences as visually engaging as they are easy to use. Whether you are planning a strategic digital transformation or just looking for help to upload new content, Redactive is the ideal partner.

Over the years we have developed and hosted websites built on many different content management systems. We are not tied to any specific technologies and will recommend the best for your organisation.

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Email marketing

High performing, cost-effective e-newsletters

Email is still one of the most effective – and profitable – ways to connect with your audience, according to recent Hubspot calculations. But to cut through the spam, high-performing emails need stand-out subject lines, arresting design and succinct, scannable copy.

We’ve got that covered. The e-newsletters that Redactive creates achieve open and CTRs that significantly outperform industry averages. And our expertise was recognised in the 2021 Memcom Excellence Awards, when IOSH magazine won Best Email Newsletter for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

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Visual engagement that demands attention

It’s been said that visuals give marketers another language to speak. And Redactive’s multi-channel creative capabilities can fulfil the most challenging print or digital design brief.

Our talented team of art directors and designers understand the power of visuals to communicate complex, multi-layered information. And through arresting imagery, eye-catching infographics and surprising typographical treatments they inspire and engage our clients’ audiences.

On page, online through social media and in animations and films. We have in-house video and photography resources, too.

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Stimulating debate in the digital realm

Redactive has a long history of producing webinars for our clients – with great success – and our dedicated production team can manage the entire process for you.

From coming up with on-trend topics, sourcing key industry influencers for the panel, to a flawless broadcast. Creating an engaging digital audience experience designed to stimulate debate, communicate key information, provide CPD – or whatever your goal.

We are also expert in securing high-value webinar sponsorship to monitise the channel for our clients and deliver significant ROI.

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Video production

Must-watch content in multiple formats

From the shop floor to the C suite, professional audiences’ enthusiasm for video content shows no sign of abating. And Redactive is meeting this demand with ever-more innovative, versatile and cost-effective filming options.

Our animated/motion graphic videos use on-brand visuals, icons and graphics to tell stories that members can learn from. While our piece-to-camera videos tackle important issues in a timely and topical manner.

We’re experts in distribution, too. Helping our clients maximise engagement with videos that typically attract 10,000+ views. 

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Podcasts & Audio

On-the-go information and education

Among the rich media formats that Redactive produces in house, podcasts are playing an increasingly crucial role in our clients’ content marketing plans. And we are experiencing a marked growth in listening figures.

Learning new things consistently ranks as the top reason people listen to podcasts. Providing the perfect platform to amplify messages further and provide time-poor audiences with information on the go. Generating ROI in the form of member engagement and education, and supporting our clients’ outreach with audiences beyond membership. 

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Advertising & sponsorship sales

Revenue generation that delivers true ROI

Redactive offers unrivalled experience of successfully monetising access to membership and professional audiences.

With an in-house division of over 30 salespeople who annually generate over £10m in advertising and sponsorship revenues for our clients. Our entrepreneurial approach means our commercial solutions portfolio includes brand partnerships and sponsored content collaborations that extend our offer far beyond traditional media sales.

Generating income across platforms and formats that include print and digital publications, job boards, websites, award schemes and events.

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Audience targeting

Connecting brands with professional communities

We help brands connect with 12m potential B2B customers across the 42 membership organisations we serve.

Increasing the reach of their information by utilising our existing, trusted relationships with professional communities. Communicating to hard-to-reach, niche audiences through media we know will get results.

Across Redactive’s client portfolio, you’ll find like-minded professionals from organisations of all shapes and sizes. We can target audiences by industry or sector. Or by authority, influence, mindset or needs. Already engaged, already invested, and ready to listen to you.

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Job boards

Recruiting top-quality talent profitably

Redactive is a major player in the recruitment advertising world. Building and managing job boards, producing career guides and maximising recruitment sales opportunities.

All while generating significant revenue for our clients. We also have direct access to the largest network of recruitment consultants, recruitment advertising agencies and employers via our work for the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and our own media brand, Recruiter.

Redactive’s current 16 job boards attract 580,000 registered job seekers every year, many ripe for qualifications and membership promotion.

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Conferences & exhibitions

Expert event management at any scale

Redactive’s event management expertise is hard to beat. Each year our team delivers 14 major face-to-face conferences and 22 virtual conferences plus hundreds of other smaller events in the membership space.

Managing every stage from strategy and programme planning to venue, catering and technical requirements. Whatever the scale, creating dynamic and engaging opportunities that bring professional communities together for networking and knowledge exchange.

Supported by 40 advertising, sponsorship and exhibition salespeople and two dedicated marketing events designers. 

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Awards schemes

Championing best practice and rewarding members

Unmissable, unforgettable ceremonies that delight the professional communities they celebrate are just the tip of Redactive’s award scheme capabilities. It’s the activity before and after the big event that really sets us apart.

No agency understands better what it takes to develop a successful awards scheme that attracts entries, ticket sales and sponsorship – and continues to deliver value long after

the last champagne cork has popped. From advising the categories, running the judging process, marketing and promotion to finding the perfect venue and host.

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